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Otevírací doba


11–23 h
11–24 h
12–24 h
12–22 h
tel. 776 005 312


14–23 h
14–24 h
14–22 h
tel. 606 583 724

Menu Card of Zlatá Kovadlina Restaurant


Homemade paté of goose liver with wild cherry dip 99,-

Carpaccio of red beet with fresh goat cheese and rucola 99,-

Fresh salmon hamburger 119,-

All starters are served with toasted bread


Cabbage soup with paprika sausage 69,-

Soup of the day 49,-

Traditional Bohemian Cuisine

200 g Sirloin steak in cream sauce with Karlsbad dumplings and wild cranberries 165,-
200 g Hot beef goulash with potato pancakes and roast onions 165,-
600 g Roast smoked ribs with mustard, fresh ground horse radish, gherkin and bread
Cooking time about 45 minutes
300 g Grilled slices of boneless pork knuckle with red onion fresh horse radish, mustard and bread 165,-
200 g Fried chicken or pork steak and light potato salad with wild celery 169,-
200 g Mature Olomouc cheese wrapped in bacon and beer batter with boiled potatoes and Tartar sauce 159,-

Chef´s Specials

200 g Breast of chicken nuggets in marinade made over fresh ginger and garlic 179,-
200 g Pork medallions of virgin sirloin over Pleurotus mushroom ragout 199,-
200 g Blascksmith´s cauldron (beef sirloin, pork sirloin, paprika, chillies) 199,-
200 g Salmon fillet with lemon topping served over grilled vegetables 279,-

Meatless, Pasta, Salads

300 g Potato dumplings au gratin in cream and mushroom sauce 129,-
250 g Spaghetti with pancetta, dried tomatoes, garlic and Parmesan cuts 149,-
250 g Spaghetti with grilled salmon and spinach leaves in cream and Parmesan cheese topping 169,-
250 g Green salad variation with filletted breast of duck and cherry tomatoes, honey dressing, toasted bread 159,-
250 g Green salad variation with salmon in marinade and lime dressing, toasted bread 169,-
150 g Small mixed salad 69,-


250 g Breast of chicken steak in herbs 169,-
300 g Pork neck in marinade 199,-
300 g Hot pork roll of virgin sirloin 249,-
250 g Filletted flank steak (beef belly) 249,-
250 g Rib eye (thick roast beef) 289,-
250 g Beef steak 339,-

Side Dishes, Sauces

Potato baked in aluminium foil with sour cream 39,-

Grilled vegetables with cherry tomatoes 49,-

Roast beans with English bacon 49,-

Spinach leaves in cream 49,-

Chips (French fries) 39,-

Domestic American potatoes (roast in skin) 39,-

Light potato salad with wild celery 39,-

Hot baked French loaf with herbs 39,-

Pepper cream sauce 30,-

Mushroom cream sauce 30,-

Garlic sauce 30,-

Tartar sauce 30,-
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